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Burn Injuries

A serious burn is one of the most painful things a person can experience. Healing can be very slow and painful as damaged nerves grow back into place. Disfiguring scars can take years of extensive and costly treatments and repeated surgeries.

There are many kinds of burns ranging from chemical burns to electrical burns and burns due to explosions or fires.

Burns vary in severity and complication.

  • First Degree Burns: involve minimal tissue damage and affect the outer layer of skin
  • Second Degree Burns: Affect both the outer and underlying layer of skin, resulting in redness, pain swelling and blisters
  • Third Degree Burns: Involve all three layers of skin, cause skin to appear charred or translucent white, are usually numb due to nerve damage, involve slow healing and extensive scarring.
  • Inhalation Injuries: Result from inhaling heat, toxic chemicals, propane gas or smoke cause the most fatalities of all burn injuries.

The physical disfigurement from a burn injury can cause emotional as well as physical distress. If you have sustained a severe burn injury as a result of gross negligence by an individual or due to faulty equipment, contact us to schedule a free consultation concerning compensation you may be eligible for.

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